Job Description:

The members of the troop elect the senior patrol leader. The senior patrol leader and the assistant senior patrol leader work together regarding decisions concerning the troop. You need to make a commitment to go to Summer Camp if it is occurring during your term,


Reports to:          


The Scoutmaster


Senior Patrol leader duties:


·        Attend and actively lead all troop functions during tenure.

·        Helps him keep patrol leaders informed

·        Helps the patrol leaders get ready for all troop activities

·        Leads and prepares written agendas for the Patrol Leader’s Council meetings (agendas are approved to the Scoutmaster prior to the meeting)

·        Creates good troop spirit

·        Encourages the attendance of troop members

·        Phones patrol leaders (shared with assistant senior patrol leader) each week, (by Saturday morning), to discuss assigned responsibilities for the next meeting and to talk about how the patrol is doing.

·        Responsible for controlling the behavior of the troop and building troop spirit

·        Make sure all assigned people are ready for each meeting

·        Advises the service patrol at the meeting and inspects their work before he releases them to leave for the evening.

·        Responsible for executing the meeting plan as written

·        Conducts a quality opening and closing ceremony at each meeting

·        Have clear, complete, and written agendas for all meetings. (Must be reviewed by scoutmaster 24 hours in advance of meeting)

·        Starts and ends the meetings on time.

·        Work with the ASPL to implement meeting plan –make sure he is aware of all activities for the evening and knows his role

·        Confirm program and service patrol arrangements have been made

·        Contact the Scoutmaster each Sunday to confirm arrangements for all troop meetings and activities.

·        Sets a good example

·        Wears the uniform correctly and insists on the troop wearing the uniform in accordance with troop policy

·        Make sure all patrol leaders are trained in their assigned job

·        Informs the Scoutmaster if he is unable to attend or perform assigned duties in advance of the activity and asks Assistant senior patrol leader to represent the troop

·        If the SPL is absent, make sure that the ASPL has reviewed the agenda and has all of the information and materials needed to execute a quality meeting.

·        Encourages team work within the troop

·        Lives by the Scout Oath and Law

·        Shows Scout spirit